IECEx Guide – An Informative Guide comparing various elements of both IECEx and ATEX

Brief Table of Comparison

Organisation / ManagementIndustry Representatives (Manufacturers,
Certification Bodies, Ex Equipment End Users,
Regulators, Community interests)
E. U. Commission (Government Regulatory)
AimOne Single Certificate, for any hazardous area
product and Services recognised and accepted
worldwide (Market Acceptance)
Covers Equipment, Remove barriers to trade and improve safety for equipment and workers
Validity / LegalToday: – Products with IECEx Certificate accepted
in several countries – Alternatively a single test
report (ExTR) can be sent to any IECEx Certifier to
issue locally accepted certification  
ATEX Directive is Law in all the E. U. Countries (Mandatory application) Limited to Europe
Field of ApplicationCurrent: – Electrical and Non electrical products
and systems – Gas / Dust Industries – Now Covering
SERVICE INDUSTRIES, e.g. Repair and Overhaul
  – Electrical and non electrical products and systems – Gas / Dust Industries – Equipment ONLY  
Standards UsedInternational Standards only , e.g. IEC Compliance
to Standards is mandatory
Any recognised Standard may be applied provided it meets the Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Directive. However, the E.U. Commission approves list of Harmonised Standards. Allows for Interpretation Compliance to Standards not mandatory but is generally used to assess products
Certification ProcedureExCBs issue [for Certified Equipment Program]:
– ExTR (Product Type) – Ex QAR (production facility
quality audit) – IECEx CoC (Certificate of Conformity)  
ExCBs issue [for Certified Service Facilities Program] – CAR
(IEC 60079-19 Compliance Report Form) – FAR (Facilities
Audit Report Form) – IECEx CoC (Certificate of Conformity)  
On-Line Certificate of Conformity System – – Reports
are officially registered on IECEx website – Electronic
On-Line CoC available for full public view, acts as master controlled version   Common Rules applicable to all
applications – Rules of Procedure for each Program (IECEx 02, IECEx 03, IECEx 04) – Operational Document ODs provide Standard operating procedures to be followed by all ExCBs – Technical Decision Sheets – Accessible full listing along with all Scheme documents maintained and available via single IECEx website location – Single appeals body available – Decisions of the Management Committee are binding on all ExCBs, Certificate Holders etc.  
ExNBs issue – EC Type examination certificate – Ex QAN (Quality Assessment notification for production facility)  
Conformity AssessmentFor IECEx Certified Equipment Program: ExTR + QAR = IECEx Certificate of Conformity (CoC) ExTR = IECEx Test Report QAR = IECEx Quality Assessment Report Applicable to ALL products, no difference between Zones or products CoC issued via Secure IEC Website ensures FULL Public access to issued Certificates Self Certification not permitted  Declaration of Conformity by Manufacturer to declare that he is in possession of necessary documents and reports. – Certificate issued by ExNB only for category 1 / 2 and M 1 / 2 electrical equipment   – Self certification allowed for Category 3 and Category 2 Mechanical.    
For IECEx Certified Services:- FAR + Assessment of Competencies = IECEx Certificate FAR = Facilities Audit Report Applicable to ALL Services CoC issued via Secure IEC Website ensures FULL Public access to issued Certificates Self Certification not permittedDoes not cover service facilities.
Organisms for CertificationAll ExCBs and ExTLs are subject to the following assessment: Initial Peer Assessment by a 3 member IECEx Assessment Team, prior to entry to IECEx   – Annual Surveillance of ExCBs and ExTLs   – 5 Year re-assessment for all ExCBs and ExTLs   Dedicated IECEx Technical Secretariat to manage day to day operations of the IECEx Scheme IECEx Management Committee (ExMC) IECEx Technical Assessment Group (ExTAG) IECEx Conformity Mark Committee (ExMarkCo)ATEX Notified Bodies (ExNBs) appointed by individual nomination of the governments of their countries. A common assessment system does not exist. Surveillance of ExNBs dependant upon national governments
Manufacturer SurveillanceExCB maintains the Status of the IECEx Certificate of Conformity based on the outcome of follow up Quality Audits, QARsExNBs conduct regular audits of manufacturers
Work place RequirementsNothing – Refers to National regulationsATEX Directive 137 contains special requirements for workers and management.
Putting IECEx and ATEX Together
The Key Elements: – Technically Identical Standards for Electrical Equipment since 2005 (very few exceptions) – When using IEC Standards a single set of Tests and assessments can be used for both IECEx and ATEX, in accordance with the respective rules – An ATEX EC Type Examination can be based on an IECEx ExTR BUT ATEX documentation alone is not sufficient for IECEx – QA audits are the same for both IECEx and ATEX.  
IECEx Informative Guide – IECEx/ATEX comparison August 2008